Franceschini boots guarantees, under normal conditions of use, their products for a period of 2 years. The warranty does not cover parts subject to wear and tear and problems resulting from accidents, misuse, neglect or use of products unsuitable for the leather. The warranty is automatically void in case of tampering or work carried out by persons not previously authorized by e-mail from Franceschini Stivali. In all cases the warranty period starts from the date of purchase. The invoice, receipt or receipt of purchase is considered authentic.


Leather maintenance

Any signs or slight differences in the colour of the leather demonstrate the high quality of the materials selected for our creations. By its nature, the leather is sensitive to various external agents such as:

  • high or low temperatures
  • excessive humidity
  • the dry climate
  • sunlight

Exposure of boots, paddock boots and half chaps to these factors can cause premature aging of the leather and the loss of its aesthetic and technical qualities.

We recommend to clean and grease shoes frequently to better preserve the natural characteristics of the leather and avoid premature wear.




Defective or non-compliant goods may only be returned with the permission of the company. Complaints must be sent by e-mail to sales@milanotailormade.it no later than 15 days.