Franceschini Stivali Milano has been synonymous with quality craftsmanship since 1996.

Franceschini is an epitome of Italian tradition and taste, leather carefully selected from the best domestic tanneries and technological innovation made within the Italy's main important footwear district, le Marche. Franceschini boots, ankle boots and gaiters are designed and manufacture in ready-to-wear or made-to-measure lines and are customizable in each detail.

Franceschini boots represent the perfect blend of the elegance of a Made in Italy icon and the performance of a highly technical, handcrafted shoe.

A timeless classic, always in step with the times.

franceschini boots italian craft history

Passion drives us. Since the beginning of our business in the mid-90s in a small craft laboratory located in Umbria we have dedicated ourselves to the creation of tailor-made footwear, combining the artisan know-how and the finest domestic raw materials. Over time, production has focused exclusively on the equestrian field, to the point of establishing ourselves as one of the reference national players.

Research sets us apart. We have always paid special attention to the selection of the finest leathers, thanks to our long-time collaborations with the most prestigious national tanneries. Our production takes place entirely in the Marche region. The scrupulous Research & Development to which we subject each of our products guarantees our superior quality standards.

franceschini boots fine leather craftsmen
franceschini boots horse race competition

Performance inspires us. Technicality and high performance are the guidelines that guide our strategic decisions. For years we have boasted prestigious partnerships with top riders in show jumping and dressage disciplines, who choose Franceschini boots for their training and competitions. Our ambassadors are also active participants in the company's R&D processes.